Lucy In Motion #1

So, a CGI Lucy. This is, I’m aware, not something anyone else particularly wants to see- anyone still interested in Lucy so far as I can tell wants to see me doing drawings- but it’s something I’ve always wanted to see and, now I have no comics business left, if I don’t do it now I never will.

I’ve posted a couple of test videos of a very primitive nature before. This is the first “beta” version where there’s something properly, if primitively, animated or choreographed or whatever. I’m working in Blender, which is a very steep learning curve, but I think that’s just because 3D animation is- to learn it from a standing start- a very hard thing to do. Or maybe I’m a bit dim, one or the other. The base figure started off as a Daz dolly, but I’ve edited it pretty heavily from that basis, not least adding in the essential morphs for the bouncy boobs, heh.

This isn’t exactly Pixar. Loads wrong with it- including one broken boob morph I thought I’d fixed, and some slightly weird animation on the left hand, but I can’t be bothered to render it again (takes hours, you know) so here it is, warts and all. I tried to get a video player plugin working in WordPress but I couldn’t fathom it out, and since boobies aren’t allowed on YouTube, I’m afraid you’ll have to download the AVI file and play it locally. Sorry. Click the picture to download all 45 seconds of Lucy acting a bit strangely… in HD!


So this is just experimentation at the moment, and I’m not sure what I intend to do or can do with this, and my limited skills and resources. The intention is not something photo-realistic anyway, but rather a bit cartoony like this in terms of visuals. I’d like to finish Total Reboot somehow, but that would be an emormous undertaking. The filler story I also abandoned is one possibility, as it had few characters (most of whom are identical Grey Aliens), only one set, and so on. That might be feasible. I’ll see how far I can get. This was the intended cover for that abandoned story by the way–


–which gives you a flavour of the story. It’s was more in the comedy vein, and had a lot of arbitrary sex in it, which would be quite good for animating since that’s not tied to any particular script. The working title was “Subject Verb Object”. So, maybe with about five years work or something I can do that. Or maybe not. Whether or not 45 seconds of not very good animation says I can, we shall see.

But I do think that my animated Lucy has, already, some of the “real” Lucy’s character to her. I found myself much enjoying doing the facial animations, but then I’ve always been fascinated by faces in art, and getting the expressions right. It’s amazing how, once I did that, the model came to life. The head itself is quite “on model” for how I’ve always seen Lucy, and doing this helped me nail down, funnily enough, really how big the legendary Lastique rack ought to be. Also, if you’re thinking the hair isn’t that good, it isn’t. It’s good enough for now, but currently the hair system doesn’t work properly in Blender- collisions don’t work at all and the spring model is crap. So I’m waiting for them to integrate the new hair system worked on in the “Gooseberry” branch and then I’ll do it properly, rather than wasting time getting it better now then doing it all again.

Anyway, let me know what you think.


I’m Back Online. An Apology And Inadequate Explanation.

After years of trying to be some internet “artist” called Jaxtraw, this is the end of that. It is an explanation and apology to website subscribers and the small group of people who have liked what I have drawn, and the Lucy Lastique comic strip. I apologise in advance if I do not attempt my usual jaunty style, but the situation is hardly appropriate for that.

I haven’t managed to produce any more Lucy. I also disappeard offline, leaving readers in limbo. This is of course unforgivable. Here is a feeble explanation. Readers will know I was having a great deal of trouble both with production and my financial situation. I said I was stopping earlier in the year, but some people begged me to continue, and kindly helped me financially, not least by ordering commissions. I was still having trouble. Then the council came to refurbish my kitchen and bathroom, and rewire the flat. What I had thought would be a minor disruption turned into me being unable to do anything for weeks. It was at this point I stopped checking my email and, presumably because I haven’t been entirely in my right mind, effectively hiding from the world.

By the time I could sit at my computer again, the scraps I had done towards the episode were demonstrably inadequate. Unable to think of an explanation, I carried on hiding while things got worse and worse. I have done little for the past six months but try every day to draw Lucy, and fail. I have tried to improve my skills to the standard of adequacy necessary, and failed. I have kept the website live and lived off the small number of rebills while things got steadily worse financially. Unable to afford to get the company accounts done- and ironically missing an email from my accountant offering to do them for free, the company is being struck off, so there is no more “Jaxtraw Studios” and I can only hope I’m not hit with unpayable financial penalties for that as well by the authorities.

None of this is justifiable, morally or legally; but I deluded myself that if I produced a Lucy strip in the end, taking the money from rebills would be justified. In a sense, they would be an “investment” by fans. Maybe they would have been if I’d produced another episode. The last attempt was abandoning the ongoing story entirely in favour of a different filler story which, honestly had a great script, but I never got past the first two panels because every time I finished one, I realised the other wasn’t good enough and had to go back and redraw it. In the end, neither were, after about 3 weeks on this treadmill.

There is obviously going to be no more Lucy. The thing that kept me going was an insane delusion that “tomorrow morning, I will wake up and be able to draw”. This is like hoping to wake up as a concert pianist tomorrow morning. It isn’t going to happen. I am right up against the wall now and starting the process, again, of going on State benefits, but there will be no Lucy revival, obviously. There shouldn’t have been one two years ago. It was insane. As my father said when I explained this situation to him a few days ago, “So, you tried to be an artist who can’t actually draw?” and all I could say, was, “yes”. It’s mad. I can’t really comprehend how I got myself into such an absurd situation, but I did. I can’t comprehend why people kept saying I can draw either. Maybe we are all some kind of mad. This is a Lucy I did a couple of days ago. It shows improvement. It’s still not good enough. The head is the wrong size, or something. As usual.


And it’s not a whole panel anyway.

Not looking at email, or the website, or the blog- justified that I would when I’d got the illusory episode done- but guessing people would be pretty angry, I am sorry to the bottom of my heart now I’ve read the comments. No, I’m not dead. Wish I was really. I still have my flat to live in, just about. I am sorry not to have communicated. I just couldn’t stop hiding. I am sorry to have taken subscriptions too. It is feeble to say this, but if it’s any consolation they funded me trying, if failing, for these months. I did try.

Also, if I owe you a commission, please email me on jaxtraw AT hotmail DOT com. If you’ve emailed me these past few months, I’m afraid I haven’t got your email. I preusmed the email was backing up on the server while I didn’t look at it, but nearly all has been lost since June on all my accounts. Since the website will shut soon anyway presumably since I can’t afford the hosting, my old emails may not be functioning.

Thank you so much to everyone who tried to help me and make Lucy a success. I am very sorry to have failed you all, in particular in this manner. “Jaxtraw, the artist who can’t draw”. Hell of a thing to be remembered for on the internet.


Lucy Lastique Relaunch Announcement!

Yes, at long last, the moment you’ve all been waiting for, the most epically important moment in erotic comics history, etc etc…

Lucy’s back!


After much pondering, I’ve decided not to make this “Lucy Lastique Book 2” or “Volume 2” or anything else. It picks up right from where we left off over a year ago, though of course it’s heading off on a new tangent (rather than up its own ass, as it did at the end of 2011). So, it’s just plain old “Issue 87”. The first sixteen pages are now up online in the Jaxtraw Studios members’ area, with another eight to come (to complete the first installment proper) in seven days time, on the 16th of January. Go get ’em! But before you go…

For that first week, initial subscription signups are $17.95. After that, they go up to $24.95, which is higher than it was previously- but also lower than at one point a few years ago when the initial signup was $29.95. Likewise the monthly rebill has risen a bit, to $8.95. There aren’t any longer period subscriptions (3 month or 6 month) as yet, as I think it’s important to establish a steady monthly schedule before I ask for people’s long term commitment. The prices are a matter of straight ecomomics and a business plan I drew up during the hiatus. Emotionally, I’d like to offer a dirt cheap signup for previous readers as a thank-you, but that isn’t really feasible. So, I hope you’ll see signing up again as a bit like, er, “crowd funding” the future continuation of Lucy Lastique. In return, I promise to give you exciting, sexy comics to read on a regular schedule, instead of excuses…

So, can’t think of anything else to say. Lucy is live again! Rush across to Jaxtraw Studios and get yourself some new Lucy! The future starts today! Be there or be square! Kinda thing.



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