Lucy Lastique Relaunch Announcement!

Yes, at long last, the moment you’ve all been waiting for, the most epically important moment in erotic comics history, etc etc…

Lucy’s back!


After much pondering, I’ve decided not to make this “Lucy Lastique Book 2″ or “Volume 2″ or anything else. It picks up right from where we left off over a year ago, though of course it’s heading off on a new tangent (rather than up its own ass, as it did at the end of 2011). So, it’s just plain old “Issue 87″. The first sixteen pages are now up online in the Jaxtraw Studios members’ area, with another eight to come (to complete the first installment proper) in seven days time, on the 16th of January. Go get ‘em! But before you go…

For that first week, initial subscription signups are $17.95. After that, they go up to $24.95, which is higher than it was previously- but also lower than at one point a few years ago when the initial signup was $29.95. Likewise the monthly rebill has risen a bit, to $8.95. There aren’t any longer period subscriptions (3 month or 6 month) as yet, as I think it’s important to establish a steady monthly schedule before I ask for people’s long term commitment. The prices are a matter of straight ecomomics and a business plan I drew up during the hiatus. Emotionally, I’d like to offer a dirt cheap signup for previous readers as a thank-you, but that isn’t really feasible. So, I hope you’ll see signing up again as a bit like, er, “crowd funding” the future continuation of Lucy Lastique. In return, I promise to give you exciting, sexy comics to read on a regular schedule, instead of excuses…

So, can’t think of anything else to say. Lucy is live again! Rush across to Jaxtraw Studios and get yourself some new Lucy! The future starts today! Be there or be square! Kinda thing.



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