Okay, so this one isn’t finished yet. In particular, I want to have another tweak of the face before moving on to colouring. It’s intended to be a promo image for the Lucy relaunch, so I want something I’m as generally pleased with as the “Ancients” cover currently still gracing the front page of Jaxtraw Studios.com. But since this blog’s been a bit silent for a while I thought I’d better post something to remind you all I’m still alive, heh.

So, as said before, I’m heading for a relaunch.

Also as said before, this isn’t a “reboot” or anything, though the abortive “Ancients” project will be canned, although I’m hoping to use some of the artwork again as part of my penchant for flashbackery. It was simply a bad case of me trying to do something I’m not good at, which is trying to be too epic. I ended up trying to write an epic movie instead of a fun character based sexy comicbook. A mistake to learn from. Hey ho.

If you squint at the scrawl above, you’ll see that Lucy’s giant book is called “Lucy Lastique Book II” because that is what the relaunch is. Everything carries on from where it left off, but it’s like the next book in a series, kind of thing. In fact, I had already been seeing things this way; the end of “New Beginnings” where Lucy is in the hospital ward looking up at the stars, and the orbiting Grafenberg, felt like a moment of, um, closure in narrative terms and was intended to feel that way to you. It’s just then I went disastrously wrong with “what happens next”. So, for those of you who are long term readers, it’s like everything you read so far was Lucy Lastique Book One, and now we’re going to start Lucy Lastique Book Two.

I haven’t been posting anything here because I’ve been working hard on the opening episodes. I don’t intend to restart until I’ve got an episode to start with, plus a second episode “in hand” so that hopefully from now on I’ll be posting the episode each month which was completed by the previously posted episode if you see what I mean. So I hope to avoid getting into a panic about deadlines that has been so counter-productive in the past. It wasn’t conducive to a calm workflow…

Also, most of what I’ve got done so far is rather spoiler-ish, so I don’t really want to be posting any snippets of that yet for promo purposes. When I’ve got more done, I can afford to post a panel or two. For now, you’ll all have to be a little patient. Sorry. I also don’t have a specific relaunch date yet. When I have, you’ll all be the first to know so you can start saving your pennies 🙂

Oh and finally, nothing to do with Lucy at all, but I’ve been devoting a little leisure time to playing the very old but still fun game Duke Nukem 3D with the fan-made High Resolution Graphics Pack, and it prompted me to upload my first ever YouTube video, with which you may or may not be duly impressed-

Just a bit of fun, you know.