So, well, not any drawing really. Something else. This, to be exact…

Yep, that’s a CGI Lucy Lastique. Or, it’s meant to be. Or, it will be, when it’s done. I’d better say, before anyone has a fit at me, there’s no intention or desire to switch the comics to 3D rendered style. That’s not on the agenda. Don’t panic ๐Ÿ™‚

There are two basic reasons for doing this. The intention is to create a short animation- emphasis on the “short”- to lead into the Lucy “relaunch”, or Lucy 2.0, or whatever I call it. Sort of, like a movie trailer. With any luck, if it looks any good, maybe one or two people will pass it around on the internets, or something, so it’ll have a promotional effect, so, lots of boobage, you know.

The second reason is simply that after a decade, I just want to see her move, and I can’t help thinking a few of the stalwart readers of the saga might like that too. This isn’t a new idea for me; nigh a decade ago in fact, in the early days, I sat there for about a week with a very primitive 3D package I got off a magazine cover disk trying to construct a Lucy out of triangles, before accepting I was someway off the technology curve and admitting defeat. But, well, things have improved since then in terms of technology and software, and it’s now plausible.

The plausibility thing is why I’ve spent a few weeks learning this stuff and not saying anything about it, because I’ve got a bad enough rep for trailing Lucy vapourware as it is. I’m still a n00b at CGI, but I think I’ve now got enough of a grasp to make a reasonable guess at what I might be able to achieve; that is, this thing can be done. Bear in mind, this isn’t going to be Shrek here. But I think a competent looking animation, that is within my ‘umble powers.

The Lucy figure is still at a primitive stage; I’m still working hard on the face which keeps eluding my ambitions (just like drawing her, haha), she has no teeth nor hands, and I’ve done a basic body movement rig to see how little I know about rigging, but basically she’s still standing there like a plastic Jesus with her arms akimbo. But she has got what appears to be quite a nice bottom.

I hope she’ll be able to walk by Christmas ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ve been going the hard route of building my CGI Lucy from scratch. There are lots of pre-made figures available out there, but I felt it was probably going to be hard to get a figure I felt looked like “my” Lucy with pre-rigged facial morphs. And also, there are copyright/licencing issues too with other peoples’ content. I’m hoping that the complete Lucy figure, and a Todger, are something I can hand out as more promotional freebies for those of you who also diddle with 3D graphics. With a copyright message stamped on her bum, heh. And of course the other good reason for building a Lucy from the ground up, or, er, the first polygon, is that there’s no better way to learn to do something than by doing it.

So, since I started this, I haven’t touched Photoshop. Haven’t drawn a thing. It’s been most therapeutic. For years, every day I got out of bed, switched on the PC, checked my email, then opened Photoshop and worked on Lucy Lastique, or increasingly, tried and failed to. Every single day. Boy, have I needed a break from that. Of course, you could argue that slaving over Blender isn’t much different to slaving over Photoshop, but it feels very different to me. And heck, the potential to see our gal walking about, that’s quite an incentive, believe me.

Talking of movement, here’s a couple of very brief, very primitive animations (they’re avi video files) as I’ve been learning about the hair system. The first one is more “hairspray” effect-

Lucy Video File 1

And the second one I adjusted the hair parameters to get more of that Sunsilk Bounce, and there you really see the big problem which I don’t know a solution to yet, which is that the hair collapses in through her mesh-

Lucy Video File 2

The learning curve on Blender is like scaling the North Face of the Eiger…

So, like I said, please rest assured that this isn’t heralding a CGI comic strip. I will be drawing the next story, and it will follow on from the “trailer”, which in style harks back to the very start of Lucy, with the “deltile” outfit-

-but don’t worry, like I said before, this isn’t a reboot or anything ghastly like that. But I am thinking that this time around I’m going to properly grasp the CGI nettle for some elements of it. During the run so far, there was a phase when I was using a (really crap) 3D model of Lucy’s starship the Grafenberg, that I cobbled together with another cover-disk program, and when I’ve done painted Grafenbergs, I’ve really been trying to make them look 3D anyway, so that sort of thing it might make sense to just do them properly in Blender. These days, there’s not much benefit I can see to spending hours drawing a starship and colouring it in by hand. I’ve spent whole days painting hull plates. Ridiculous.

The other thing, the Graf’s control room, which featured quite a lot in the story The Simla, that was a 3D model anyway, in Sketchup, which I then exported as a wireframe, and laboriously inked and coloured manually, and that workflow doesn’t make much sense either. It’s a science fiction story, and some things would just look better done in 3D, so I’ll experiment with that.

So anyhoo, hopefully that’s a thing or two to look forward to. I was going to post a couple of sketches I did for a story I was thinking of doing but I’ve now decided against doing, but this post’s long enough so I’ll make a separate post about that. I’ll leave you instead with the mental image of Lucy’s boobies in 3D. It certainly brightens my day, heh.