Lucy In Command

Doing the “captain’s chair” thing.

This is from the forthcoming story, in what looks like being the second part that will be uploaded once we’re up and running again. Must admit, I’m getting quite fond of the dress uniforms. Don’t worry, there’s still plenty of nudity. It’s just oddly fun to draw her with some clothes on for a change πŸ™‚


Pfuff In Pensive Mood

This is a quick “test colouring” of a panel in the new story, hence the sketchy Todger and background. It comes from the section that helps the narrative link directly from where I left off, “ancient Priapus” bit and all; that is, I’m not throwing away anything you’ve already seen during the chaotic narrative collapse that precipitated this hiatus πŸ™‚

On other matters- WALKING DEAD SPOILER ALERT. If you haven’t watched the latest episode yet, go no further…

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More Arse!

Alternatively to the last post, this might be the episode cover (first draft)…

Probably is. It’s a bit more cover-ish and story related, especially seeing as it’s got our new friends the um, the er… Blue Man Group… those guys, on it.

The lettering isn’t finalised, particularly the Lucy Lastique banner itself. I quite like this simple white font as it goes. Lucy maybe needs a new corporate-identity-branding-logo-thingy after all these years. Also, I seem to have lost the old font and I can’t remember what it was called πŸ™

And yes, I did steal that face from another picture. I checked in the official Artist’s Rulebook, and stealing from yourself is allowed!


That “Coming Soon” Thing…

Thought you might like to see this, a page (first draft) from the “relaunch episode”.

This by the way is a new alien race, called the… called the… um… well, the working name is “The Easy To Draw Guys”. The page will probably see some degree of modification by the time it “hits the digital newsstand”. And get some bits of background. I must admit I’m quite fond of that first panel though πŸ™‚


A Bit Of A Promo Shot

This one’s several things; a final “dress uniform” test, and a promo pic, and also I’ll probably use this shot of Lucy for the final panel of the relaunch episode, since that’s what I actually drew it for.

The dress and boots probably will have the colour toned down, since they probably should be more “black with just a hint of coloured highlights”, rather than as they are here which is quite clearly coloured and shiny (thank you, Photoshop Color Dodge Mode!). Basically the idea is that every uniform colour’s black parts are in the shade of the sleeve.

The background lettering I found on a very, very old early tee-shirt design, for the first cartoony Lucy, but I kinda liked it. One of my better graphic design moments. And then the vaguely psychedelic look seemed to chime with the uniform’s vaguely go-go girl look, for a futuristic Austin Powers vibe, heh.

I have to say, whenever i do one like this, it reminds me how much easier it is colouring people with their clothes on. Even a small amount of clothing breaks up the acres of orangey flesh you get with full nudes and it’s much easier to get something approaching eye candy when there’s material that can be textured, and so on. It’s too easy to paint a page full of nudes and have them all come out looking like sculptures in mud, or candle wax.

Anyway, another step closer to the relaunch.


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